Predict the success of your hiring decisions

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Find the right person for the job

Individual Profile

Get a career to suit your personality

Ease and autonomy

From managing 100% online profiles to comparing applicant results and reviewing detailed reports, the hiring process will remain firmly in your hands from start to finish.

Some of best FlairTech features:

  • A 100% free platform
  • Access to a personalized dashboard
  • Autonomous test management
  • Instant access to results and detailed reports at all times
  • A history of all your purchased tests
  • A unique and competitive price

Plus, our expert recruitment advisors will help you dig deeper into the meaning of test results without compromising the autonomy of your hiring process.

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A wide range of psychometric tests

Our tests are exclusive, unbiased, and scientifically proven and are designed to meet the needs of both businesses and individuals.

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Security and competitive prices

We keep our tests below market price without ever compromising on security. On the contrary, our management platform is fully secure and gives you access to your test results for 2 years.

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